❤️ Why we love it

You’ll find lots of camera straps on the internet that follow a minimalist approach. And I really like that, as when I’m not carrying around a huge and heavy camera, I don’t want an oversized camera strap making my setup bigger than necessary.

With these kind of minimalist camera straps, however, you’re making some compromises, as many of the straps out there aren’t very comfortable or secure. And I definitely don’t want to smash my camera on the ground just because I bought a cheaply made camera strap.

The Peak Design leash camera strap offers the perfect balance for me between high quality materials, comfort and style. Its length can easily be adjusted and the quick release system is a great feature that not many camera straps offer. Although lookswise this strap might not be very exciting, it’s just so lightweight and practical that I can easily store it in any bag, which is my main priority when travelling.

🗒️ Things to note

As the Peak Design leash is meant to be ultra-portable and lightweight, there is a limit to how heavy your camera setup can be. I’ve used this camera strap with my Fujifilm X-S10, as well as my Panasonic S5II and both sizes work well. For a full-frame camera, such as the Panasonic S5II, it can get slightly uncomfortable though, if you’re  planning on wearing the strap for long periods of time. If comfort is your priority, you can always choose to go with one of the “bigger” camera straps from Peak Design instead.