❤️ Why we love it

This is our main camera for filming our YouTube videos. It's a lightweight mirrorless camera with great video capabilities that is well suited for run and gun 4k travel vlogging without breakign the bank. Fuji is known for having great colours and we're always amazed at how little colour grading is necessary to end up with great looking footage. This camera is aimed at hybrid shooters and although we mainly use it for filming videos, it also takes great pictures. With Fujifilm's film simulations you get pictures that require minimal to no editing straight out of the camera. The X-S10 uses the same sensor as the hugely popular (photography focused) Fuji X100V, so this really is a great beginner jack-of-all-trades camera.

🗒️ Things to note

The camera has an in-body stabilisation system (IBIS), as well as digital stabilisation. It's not the best in the game, but after a while of using the camera you can get some great looking cinematic shots in any situation. Another limitation: you can't film 4k footage with 60fps, which is a bummer.