❤️ Why we love it

When you're travelling, for some strange reason you'll always find yourself needing more hooks, clips and gear ties than you ever thought. S-Biners are one way to change that with their quick attach and release carabiner style clips. Want to quickly clip your cap to your backpack? S-Biner to the rescue. Want to hang up your backpack in the bus, but can't find a good hook? Time to get out the old S-Biner. Want to attach your toiletry bag to a towel rack? I think you get the point. S-Biners come in a variety of sizes and they each serve their own purpose. While the small and medium ones are handy for attaching keys to your key ring, for example, we always carry the bigger ones in or on our backpack, ready for action.

🗒️ Things to note

While S-Biners are perfect for quickly clipping two things together, they might not be suitable for very heavy objects. The opening clip is very light-weight so that it can quickly open and close, but that also means that it's less sturdy than a more conventional carabiner.