❤️ Why we love it

We all love to read while travelling or at least we all try to read more while travelling, which can be a more or less successful endeavour. But once you get into a good book, there's nothing better than sinking into a different world while you're lounging at the beach, relaxing by a pool or trying to overcome an 18 hour bus ride through Mexico, on which the AC stopped working after 5 minutes.

While we don't like being exclusively bound to the Kindle ecosystem, the Kindle is just a very solid device that makes reading while travelling fun and easy. Altough nothing beats a real book, the kindle paperweight is a really good e-reader. It can store every book you'll ever want to read, has a great display that you can even use lying in the blazing sun and it's waterproof, so you won't have to worry about damage from water or sand.

🗒️ Things to note

The new Kindle paperwhite offers a great ratio of screen size, backlight and price. There are lots of other e-book readers on the market, but when it comes to easily accessing a wide range of books the Kindle ecosystem is the strongest out there. Also – older books are often available at heavily discounted prices or even for free, so always be on the lookout for some good deals.