❤️ Why we love it

It's the go-to tripod for vloggers for a reason. It's extremely versatile as it can be attached securely to metal bars, fences, trees due to the bendy legs that also make this tripod perfect for using on uneven terrain. The quick release clip is, as the name suggests, quick and easy to use. We use the 3kg PRO version, as it offers the perfect size and durability. It's made from aluminium, which makes it a lot more sturdy, but it also makes it more heavy.

🗒️ Things to note

Using a tripod for vlogging isn't for everyone, we often find ourselves just holding our camera in our hands, as that setup isn't as heavy and noticeable. Having a tripod does come in very handy when hiking, for example or when you're setting up the camera a lot for longer shots. Depending on your style however you may find that you require a more classic camera tripod, in which case we'd probably go for the Peak Design travel tripod.