❤️ Why we love it

You might be able to replace a broken camera, but it’s harder to replace your footage if you damage or even lose your SD cards. And while both scenarios might ruin your holiday, protecting your SD cards is pretty easy with the right gear. An SD card case like this one from Amazon has the additional benefit of providing good organisation for up to 12 standard SD cards.

I looked at various SD card organisers (and there are loads of different ones out there), but I really like this hard case version, as it’s very affordable, while providing decent protection from splashes of water or falling damage. The SD card slots are quite easy to access and the cards don’t fall out by themselves, which would be annoying. The overall size of the case is small enough that it can fit in the thinner pockets of my camera backpack, which is also nice.

🗒️ Things to note

The JJC SD card case can carry up to 12 standard size SD cards or 24 micro SD cards that have got their own slot underneath the standard SD card slot. You could technically even stack micro SD and standard SD cards on top of each other to carry a total of 36 cards, but you’d have a harder job of keeping track of them all.