❤️ Why we love it

If you create video content of any kind, you're likely going to need a sweet soundtrack to go along with it. Finding good music for your videos can be extremely difficult. Between a lot of free platforms that mostly offer pretty basic tracks that you've already heard in many videos and extremely expensive music licensing services that cost a fortune for just one song, it's hard to find a good middle ground. Luckily services like Epidemic Sound have changed this in recent years. With their subscription services that allow you to download unlimited music and sound effects, it's easy to have your costs under control. Also, their music library is huge and we've used them for almost all of our videos.

🗒️ Things to note

We've also tried a lot of other services in this category, such as Artlist or Soundstripe and they're all pretty good! It mostly depends on where you think you can find the best music for your videos. We also don't have a problem with using multiple music services or other sources, such as royalty free music found on Soundcloud. So have a look around to see which service you like best, for us it just happens to be Epidemic Sound.