❤️ Why we love it

Being born with some of the whitest skin known to mankind, I try to keep myself protected from the sun as much as I can. While I do enjoy spending some time in the sun, I usually keep my tanning time to a minimum and use a lot of sun protection. So whenever we go to the beach one of the main factors I’m looking for is how much shade is available. I’ll take any tree I can get, but of course in the best case scenario there are sun beds available to rent or even for free in some cases.

The alternative is taking your own sun protection set up, for example in the form of an umbrella. Umbrellas have two major problems however. One – they are often times very heavy and also not very practical to pack, especially in a suitcase of any kind. And two – they can easily get blown away when there’s some wind.

So the Fatboy Miasun tent tries to solve exactly those problems. Well at least it solves the first one successfully. Fatboy Miasun is very light weight and can even be taken with you in a suitcase, as it doesn’t take up more space than a jacket. That doesn’t mean that it provides just a bit of shade however. Due to the different ways you can adjust the tent’s layout, you can get plenty of shade for two people to comfortably enjoy.

When it comes to being sturdy when it’s windy however, the Fatboy Miasun does also have its problems. You secure the tent in a similar way to a conventional tent for sleeping, by ramming in tent poles into the ground and then also securing them with some tent pegs. When there’s more wind around we’ve had to use rocks to put on the pegs to stop the tent from blowing away. We do feel however, that an umbrella would have faced the same issue in that situation. So all in all we do really like the Fatboy Miasun, although it’s not a cheap investment overall. It has saved us in many situations however, especially on our recent trip to Mauritius.

🗒️ Things to note

The Fatboy Miasun tent isn’t widely available for some reason, so try to find a store that sells it using your search engine of choice. We bought our Miasun on Amazon Germany. You can use the links in this article to check if the Fatboy Miasun is available on Amazon in your region.