❤️ Why we love it

Solid shampoos are a great choice for traveling! They are hand-luggage friendly (as they are - per definition - not liquid) and up to 3x more yielding than liquid shampoos, which means they take up less space in your luggage while keeping your hair fresh and clean for a long time. I’ve tested more than 5 different shampoo bars in order to find the perfect one for our long term trip and the Lush “Honey I washed my hair” came out as the winner! It’s very foamy, making it easy to apply, and it leaves my hair clean and shiny without weighing it down.

🗒️ Things to note

Of course, my perfect shampoo might not be the one for you - depending on your hair type. I have medium thick, slightly dry and fairly straight hair - so if yours is similar, give it a go! You can buy this shampoo bar on the Lush website or in stores. If these aren't an option where you live, we've put a link to some alternative products you can find on Amazon below.