❤️ Why we love it

Good sleep can be tricky thing while you're travelling, especially if you've got trouble adapting to new sleeping environments every few days. One thing that I've noticed while travelling is that generally the darker the room, the better I sleep. In hostel or hotel room or especially in planes or buses, however, you've got very little influence on blocking the light from outside. A comfortable sleeping mask has become an essential item for us on any trip. But make sure that it's not just any sleeping mask. A basic sleeping mask will sit directly on your eyes, which isn't comfortable at all. With a 3D sleeping mask like the one we use, you can freely open and close your eyes, which makes for a much more free feeling while sleeping.

🗒️ Things to note

You'll find lots of different brands of 3D sleeping masks on places, such as Amazon, so you may need to try one or two different ones to find the form and fit that you like. Luckily these kind of masks are quite affordable and they also often come in a 2-pack, which is great for sharing with a partner or friend.